Training program 2023-2024

A new training of Tasso International, TI 10, will start on March 21st, 2023

Webinar TI 10-1
21-03-2023Basic concepts
22-03-2023Intake and induction
23-03-2023Reliving and regression
Webinar TI 10-2
15-04-2023AE and energy work, soul retrieval
16-04-2023Childhood trauma
Seminar TI 10-1
21-05-2023Intake and induction
22-05-2023Personification, AE, Energy work and Soul retrieval
25-05-2023Childhood trauma
26-05-2023Birth and prenatal, life plan and life choices
27-05-2023Individual sessions under supervision
Webinars TI 10-3
11-09-2023Releasing attachments from living people
12-09-2023Releasing attachments from entities
13-09-2023Traumatic and hangover lifetimes
14-09-2023Patterns through life times
Webinars TI 10-4
06-11-2023Positive and shy lifetimes
07-11-2023Powerful spiritual lifetimes
08-11-2023Complicated and karmic lifetimes
09-11-2023Traumatic deaths
Seminar TI 10-2
27-11-2023Releasing attachments
28-11-2023Traumatic and hangover lifetimes
29-11-2023Positive and shy lifetimes
30-11-2023Complicated and karmic lifetimes
01-12-2023Individual sessions under supervision
Webinars TI 10-5
10-01-2024Homing sessions
11-01-2024Pre-human lifetimes
12-01-2024Great integrations
13-01-2024Core issue exploration
Seminar TI 10-3
04-03-2024Individual sessions under supervision
05-03-2024Spiritual lifetimes and prehuman lifetimes
06-03-2023Great integrations and homing sessions
07-03-2024Core issue exploration
08-03-2024Re-examination, case presentations and graduation ceremony

Seminars are in the center of Amsterdam.

The live modules are given in De Roos (Dutch for The Rose), a spiritual center in de Vondelpark, a beautiful big park in the city center of Amsterdam. Click on the picture to get an impression of our location. You have to arrive the day before. If the time difference is more than 3 hours, we advise to arrive earlier. We can help you to find lodgings nearby.

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