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Tasso Institute is well-known in the field of Regression Therapy worldwide. One of the reasons is that we organized the first World Congress for Regression Therapy in 2003. Also we played a prominent role in the founding of EARTh Association, the international Association for Regression Therapy.

Founder of Tasso Institute is Hans tenDam. He, but also our other teachers (Marion Boon, Maarten Wiegmans and Janine Booij) have trained many therapists, inside and outside the Netherlands.

Hans ten Dam’s books Exploring Reincarnation and Deep Healing and Transformation have been translated in many languages. Hans tenDam is still teaching part of the Tasso International Program.  

In the Netherlands we have offered a training program for regression therapists for many years. The Dutch program is one of the most extensive and profound programs that is offered in this field worldwide. Nowadays the Dutch Tasso program is offered by our licensee Arutam. We also have licensees in a.o. India, Russia and Germany.

We started offering our own international training in 2011 and we will start the 11th batch in January 2024.

We hope to welcome you there!

The training program

Our program consists of 6 modules. Half the training is given online, half is given in the Netherlands.

The live modules are given in Amsterdam. As of 2024 the course is divided in two levels.

Level 1

Level 1 prepares you to become a practitioner in Regression Therapy. The emphasis of the classes is about working with childhood trauma, inner child work, prenatal and birth experiences, life between life experiences. Also you learn to work with energetic influences from other people, family members and relatives, but also influences from entities. Last but not least, you also learn the basics of past life therapy in Level 1.

Level 2

Level 2 takes you even deeper. The emphasis is on past life work. You learn to work with traumatic and hangover lifetimes, so that you can heal the effects they have on your current life. Also you learn to retrieve skills and talents from positive lifetimes. You learn about karmic and dharmic influences, patterns through lifetimes and working with non-human and unembodied experiences.

The course is both theoretical and practical. Part of the study is working with your fellow-students on your and their issues. There are exams, both practical and theoretical and other assignments you need to do to complete the course.

When you have completed both levels of the training, you will receive the Tasso International Diploma and can call yourself a Tasso Transpersonal Regression Therapist.

For whom is this training?

A new Tasso International training program starts January 2024

Have a look at our schedule here.


The curriculum is at bachelor level. More important are experience of life, broadmindedness, empathy and – above all – emotional stability. Suitable people with lack of previous schooling, may need extra preparation in fields like counseling and child psychology.

We aspire to teach the most thorough program: practical, substantial, knowledgeable, with a broad spectrum of methods. By solid, inspiring and transformational teaching we try to stimulate our students to become solid, inspiring and transformational therapists.

The program emphasizes a professional attitude that respects and stimulates self-responsible and self-reliable clients. People who believe that a spiritual attitude and an authentic intention to help people suffice, probably will not feel at home in the training program.

Program and costs

Our program consists of 6 modules.

Level 1 consists of 2 online modules and 1 module in the Netherlands. Level 2 consists of 1 online module and 2 live modules. Have a look at our schedule here.

Level 1:

  • Module 1: € 950,-
  • Module 2: € 1000,-
  • Module 3: € 1000,-

Payment is due at least one month before the start of the module. If you pay at once for all three modules, at least 1 month before the training starts you get a reduction of € 100,-, so you pay € 2850,-.

Accommodation, food and travel are not included. We advice that you book your accomodation in time, to avoid high costs.

Level 2:

  • Module 1: € 1400,-
  • Module 2: € 1050,-
  • Module 3: € 1050,-

Payment is due at least one month before the start of the module. If you pay at once for all three modules, at least 1 month before the training starts you get a reduction of € 100,-, so you pay € 3400,-.

Accommodation, food and travel are not included. We advice that you book your accomodation in time, to avoid high costs.

Graduation and Diploma

After fullfilling the requirements of Level 1, you will receive a certificate that states you are a Practitioner in Regression Therapy.

You will receive the Tasso diploma when you have complied with our graduation requirements for Level 1 and 2. This diploma will give entrance to EARTh, the international professional association of regression therapists and shorten the application for IBRT, the International Board of Regression Therapy.

Students can already become student-member of EARTh Association for Regression Therapy during the training.

Requirements to receive the diploma, a.o:

  • Attendance of at least 80 per cent of the lessons
  • 4 Supervision sessions (practical exam)
  • 2 Takehome examinations
  • 1 Live written exam about practical cases
  • 2 Session reports (verbatims)
  • Casepresentation – presentation on a series of at least 6 therapy sessions with one client


Does the program appeal to you and do you feel you would fit in? Please fill out our application form.

We will look at your educational background, professional background, your life experience and view on spirituality. We expect you to be able to study at bachelor level. A diploma is less important then a professional and mature attitude. n order for us to get to know you and vice versa, we will plan in a video call before you are admitted tot the training.

Afterwards we we will send you the full program brochure with all details. Registration is made definitive by transferring the total amount for the first module.

The groups will consist of a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 18 participants.

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