Training Program 2024-2025

Tasso International 11

A new group, TI-11, will start January 16, 2024.

Schedule TI-11:

 DateLEVEL 1Teacher1 
  Module 1: Basics Regression Therapy 1 ONLINE 
Tuesday16-01-24Basic conceptsJB 
 17-01-24Intake and inductionJB 
 18-01-24Reliving and regressionMW 
 24-01-24Exercises onlineJK 
  Module 2 Basics Regression Therapy 2 LIVE Amsterdam 
Friday01-03-24Somatic bridge and deepening reliving with bodyworkJB 
 02-03-24Childhood traumasMW 
 03-03-24Aura-exploration, energy work and soul retrievalMB 
 04-03-24DAY OFF 
 05-03-24Birth and prenatal sessionsJB 
 07-03-24Individual sessions under supervision 
Friday08-03-24Case presentations and graduation TI-10All 
  Exam 1 
  Module 3: Basics regression therapy 3 ONLINE 
Monday27-05-24Life plan and life choicesMW 
 28-05-24Releasing attachments from living peopleJB 
 29-05-24Releasing attachments from entitiesMB 
Tuesday04-06-24Individual sessions under supervision ONLINEJK 
  Session report 
  LEVEL 2 
  Module 1: Past life regression therapy 1 LIVE Amsterdam 
Monday16-09-24Traumatic deathsHtD 
 17-09-24Traumatic and hangover lifetimesHtD 
 18-09-24Exercises past life therapyJB 
 19-09-24Backpressing and somatic work in PLTHtD 
 20-09-24Individual sessions under supervision 
  Exam 2 
  Module 2: Past-life regression therapy-2 ONLINE 
Monday11-11-24Complicated and karmic lifetimesMB 
 12-11-24Positive and shy lifetimesJB 
 13-11-24Patterns through lifetimesMW 
Monday18-11-2024Prehuman lifetimesMB
19-11-2024Spritual Power livesMB
20-11-2024Exercises onlineJK
Module 3: Transpersonal therapy LIVE Amsterdam
Monday13-01-2025WRITTEN TEST + Individual sessions under supervision
14-01-2025Great integrationsHtD
15-01-2025Homing sessionsHtD
16-01-2025Core Issue ExplorationHtD
17-01-2025Re-examinations, case presentations and graduation ceremonyAll
  1. HtD = Hans ten Dam, JB = Janine Booij, MB= Marion Boon, MW = Maarten Wiegmans, JK = Jacqueline Klein ↩︎
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