Past-life therapy?

Past-life therapy is regression therapy that accepts when clients relive experiences apparently from before the present life and that works with such experiences.
Regressionists discovered past lifetimes by coincidence. Instead of suggesting: “go back to the moment in your childhood when… ,” they gave the suggestion: “go back to the first time when….. ” Often then followed a traumatic death experience in an other time, an other country, even in a body in the other gender. Sometimes reliving and expressing this event was sufficient to heal stubborn problems.

Past-life therapy

Of course, many problems are caused in the present life. Even when the cause would lie in an apparent previous life, it has become interwoven with the present life. So, past-life therapists work in four fields of experience:

1. The present life, including the apparently forgotten first years of childhood.

2. The time between conception and birth. The birth experience is often the most consequential, but some pre-birth experiences can also have lifelong consequences, like a tentative abortion.

3. Previous lifetimes. Usually, traumatic death is the most penetrating experience. Then much remains undigested, especially when fear and pain, intense emotions or anesthesia narrow our mind.

4. The period between death and the next birth. When we remain strongly tied to our body, our home, our job, or our nearest, we can after death linger near our body or the place where we lived.

In regressing to infancy, birth and the time in the womb, children often respond, consider and decide in a way that betrays an adult background, an adult awareness. Like adults have Inner Children, children have Inner Adults. Past-life therapists take those Inner Adults seriously and discover in them previous lifetimes or conclusions and decisions from the intermission between death and rebirth. When processing an apparently relevant childhood trauma gives only half results, past-life therapy will go farther back.

So past-life therapy is an expanded and specialized form of regression therapy. What should a broad regression therapist who works in this life only, have to learn extra to become a broad past-life therapist?

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