Our Mission

Education in transpersonal coaching and therapy

Who we are.

We are passionate and conscious teachers for passionate and conscious students.
Our teaching goes into depth. We are thorough. We go to the root of problems. We are not afraid.
Our range of methods is broad. We do what works – permanently works.

We use trial-and-error:

  • beliefs are important, as long as they do not conflict with facts;
  • what is not concretely applicable, we do not consider very important;
  • we value experience
  • we are experienced ourselves.
  • We are creative. We like to improvise, but we remain methodical.

We are internationally well regarded in the field – and we do our part in international developments.

What do we believe?

We believe it is possible to be spiritual AND remain practical.
We believe intuition is valuable, but intellect if possible even more so.
We believe in the possibility of transformation:

  • solving intractable problems;
  • breaking through barriers;
  • recovering forgotten and lost treasures.

What do we want?

We want transformation: real changes in life and work.
We want to train transformative coaches and therapists – anywhere in the world.
We want effectiveness and efficiency.
We go for vitality. And we value beauty and elegance.

What do we reject?

What we reject are the enemies of practical spirituality:

  • arrogant, narrow-minded materialism;
  • vagueness;
  • dogmatic beliefs;
  • gurus seeking, followers seeking;
  • unfounded optimism;
  • reason without intuition, intuition without reason;
  • gullibility.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for people with open but critical minds.
We are looking for people with self-confidence, not people who are sure of something.
We are looking for coaches and therapists who do not want to be imitators or clones.
We are looking for creative individualists with a craft.
We are looking for people who want to experience things firsthand.
We are looking for bright people with a healthy dose of curiosity.
We are looking for people who can become teachers themselves. Many teachers in many countries have attended our workshops or graduated with us.

Tasso Institute is changing lives in many countries.

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