Online Courses with Hans TenDam

Leading expert of transpersonal regression therapy Hans TenDam gives insightful and informative Online Training for professionals!

Having done more than 3000 transpersonal regression sessions with clients and having trained more than 600 therapists and coaches, Hans has a super-wide view and brilliant experience in the field of consciousness, therapy and healing.

Don’t miss these enlightening Seminars and gain deeper knowledge and wisdom about the transpersonal aspects of our multidimensional existence and the psyche.

These seminars are highly recommended for every therapist, counselor and coach that is interested in the excellent transforming powers of transpersonal regression therapy!

You can order the webinars by transferring € 15. Payment is by PayPal to hwtendam@tasso.nl or by bank transfer to Tasso Opleidingen, IBAN: NL17INGB 0009146135; BIC: INGBNL2A. Mention the number of the webinar(s).

Available for Download:

Webinar 001 – Practical Consequences of Past-Life Therapy

Webinar 002 – Fate and Free Will – What regression learned us about reincarnation

Webinar 003 – Karma and karmic Lifetimes

Webinar 004 – Dharma and dharmic Lifetimes

Webinar 005 – The Holographic Soul and the Source of Ourselves

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