Training program

Training Regression therapy / Past-Life therapy

Hans TenDam is responsible for the program and one of the teachers. He is a known therapist, author, teacher and organizer. In 1983 he started in the Netherlands with the first compact course.

Tasso Institute contributes to the world-wide development of the field through publications, lectures, graduate and postgraduate courses, independent certification, professional associations, participating in conferences and congresses, doing or stimulating research and publishing the outcomes. In 2003 we organized in the Netherlands the first World Congress for Regression Therapists (WCRT). Tasso helped prepare the second world congress in March 2006 in India, the third one in 2008 in Brazil, and the fourth that will be held October 2011 in Turkey. We are already engaged with the preliminaries of the fifth world congress in 2014 in Canada. We have initiated the first European summer school (August 2006 in Frankfurt) where the European Association for Regression Therapy (EARTh) was founded, which has meanwhile become a world-wide association. Our faculty teaches in the Netherlands and Belgium, in the UK and Ireland, in Germany and Portugal, in the States, in Brazil, in India and in Japan.

The training program is for people who want to start a practice in regression or past-life therapy or who want to include this in their present practice. Life coaches, trainers and consultants may come out of personal interest and to make their main job more effective, especially by the many direct focus methods the program teaches them and by including emotional and bodily sensations in their work with people. The course also sensitizes them to the backgrounds of how people think and act.

The curriculum is at college level. More important are experience of life, broadmindedness, empathy and – above all – emotional stability. Suitable people with lack of previous schooling, may need extra preparation in fields like counseling and child psychology.

We aspire to teach the most thorough program: practical, substantial, knowledgeable, with a broad spectrum of methods. By solid, inspiring and transformational teaching we try to stimulate our students to become solid, inspiring and transformational therapists.

The program emphasizes a professional attitude that respects and stimulates self-responsible and self-reliable clients. People who believe that a spiritual attitude and an authentic intention to help people suffice, probably will not feel at home in the training program.

So what can students expect from the course? What can you expect from it? At the end of each year we ask students to evaluate anonymously the course. A few quotes:

• I got to know a new and impressive therapy.

• Regression therapy is a true craft and so not easy to teach. Still, this training did a good job. • I understand people better; I understand myself better.

• I have grown in self-confidence. I feel more solid. I am more self-reliable, less dependent on others. I have more direction in my life and I welcome the future.

• To experience other lifetimes has brought me calm, clarity, energy and inner silence. I function better as a spouse and mother, I worry less and I am happier with my life.

• I have cleaned up a lot. I have become a milder person.

• I have exceeded my own expectations by this course.

• The program has widened my view enormously. I see people, relationships and problems much deeper and broader.

• What I liked most was how cordial and inspiring teachers and fellow-students were.

• I appreciated the open and intelligent teaching of knowledge and skills.

• This course has been the best thing that ever happened to me – except for my marriage.

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