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Tasso Institute contributes to the world-wide development of the field through publications, lectures, graduate and postgraduate courses, independent certification, professional associations, participating in conferences and congresses, doing or stimulating research and publishing the outcomes. In 2003 we organized in the Netherlands the first World Congress for Regression Therapists (WCRT). Tasso helped prepare the second world congress in March 2006 in India, the third one in 2008 in Brazil, and the fourth that will be held October 2011 in Turkey. We are already engaged with the preliminaries of the fifth world congress in 2014 in Canada. We have initiated the first European summer school (August 2006 in Frankfurt) where the European Association for Regression Therapy (EARTh) was founded, which has meanwhile become a world-wide association. Our faculty teaches in the Netherlands and Belgium, in the UK and Ireland, in Germany and Portugal, in the States, in Brazil, in India and in Japan.

The training program is for people who want to start a practice in regression or past-life therapy or who want to include this in their present practice. Life coaches, trainers and consultants may come out of personal interest and to make their main job more effective, especially by the many direct focus methods the program teaches them and by including emotional and bodily sensations in their work with people. The course also sensitizes them to the backgrounds of how people think and act.

Hans  ten  Dam  is  one  of  the  pioneers  in regression  therapy.  He  is  a trainer  and  author  since  1983, known  and  respected internationally. Both Hans ten Dam and Marion Boon have presented modules and trainings all over the world. Many teachers in regression therapy have been trained by them. Janine Booij graduated at Tasso in 2011 and has a practice in coaching and regression therapy. She is a Board Member of EARTh

Our program is grounded and practical, but open­minded towards whatever experiences people have. We differ from hypnotherapy programs in that we exclusively focus on regression and insight­oriented therapy. We don’t do any reprogramming without first having explored the old programming and the reasons for it. And we differ from more ‘spiritual’ approaches in that we do not avoid reliving the painful stuff. We don’t go for enlightenment, but for catharsis and transformation.

The  course  is  based  on  the  new  book  of  Hans  TenDam:  Deep  Healing and  Transformation.  Availability: Books


The curriculum is at college level. More important are experience of life, broadmindedness, empathy and – above all – emotional stability. Suitable people with lack of previous schooling, may need extra preparation in fields like counseling and child psychology.

We aspire to teach the most thorough program: practical, substantial, knowledgeable, with a broad spectrum of methods. By solid, inspiring and transformational teaching we try to stimulate our students to become solid, inspiring and transformational therapists.

The program emphasizes a professional attitude that respects and stimulates self-responsible and self-reliable clients. People who believe that a spiritual attitude and an authentic intention to help people suffice, probably will not feel at home in the training program.

A new training starts on March 21st, 2023

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Our program consists of 5 online webinars and 3 seminars in the Netherlands.

Costs are:

Webinars 1 & 2 € 1.360,-
Seminar 1 € 1.000,-
Webinars 3 & 4 € 1.000,-
Seminar 2 € 1.000,-
Webinar 5 € 1.000,-
Seminar 3 € 1.000,-

Total amount is € 6.360,- (incl Home workgroup and 6 session personal process)

Accommodation and travel are not included.
Accommodation is estimated between € 70 and € 90 per day.
Handouts are included (Microsoft 365, Teams).
Students are required to study Winafred Lucas’s Handbook of Regression Therapy (2 volumes) and two other books from a list of recommended literature. Depending on the location of our students, we will organize extra exercise meetings with supervision.
Course graduation will give entrance to EARTh, the international professional association of regression therapists and shorten the application for IBRT, the International Board of Regression Therapy.

Graduation Requirements

You will receive a diploma when you have complied with our graduation requirements.

These are adequate grades for:
The sessions on the last day of the seminars 2-­5
Between block 2 and 3: Take­home examination 1
Between block 3 and 4: Submitting first session report
Between block 4 and 5: Take­home examination 2
At the end of block 5: Third written exam about practical cases
Between block 5 and 6: Submitting second session report
Last day of block 6: casepresentation of a therapy, consisting of at least 6 sessions regression therapy


You can apply if you have one of the following backgrounds:

1. Academic or professional training in psychology, psychotherapy or psychiatry, minimal at college level.
2. Three years experience in the helping professions.
3. College­level education in other disciplines and personal experience with regression.

After mailing us, we will send you a registration form. After completing the registration form we will have a Skype interview with the candidate. Afterwards we we will send you the full program brochure with all details. Registration is made definitive upon receipt of due payment. We plan to close applications after receiving 16 registrations.

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