Students – Tasso International Program

‘I feel empowered’

Well, of course as Tasso Institute we would promote our program. But… what do our students think about it? We asked Sven Heck (32), healing practitioner and digital artist from Germany; Yuvraj M. Kapadia (47), clinical hypnotherapist and regression therapist from India and Mascha Heck (35), consultant, coach and therapist from Switzerland.

Why did you choose to do the Tasso International Program?

Sven: ‘I was searching for a comprehensive and profound therapy course that supports and enriches my personal and professional mindset of a multidimensional reality and therefore healing on the deep layers of human consciousness and the psyche. The Tasso International Curriculum has it all and brings this requirement even to a new level of quality and expertise. I am always going for the best teachers I can find, and Hans and Marion are among them – definitely!’

Yuvraj: ‘I chose the Tasso International Program as I have had the good fortune of interacting and personally experiencing the work of Hans TenDam and Marion Boon at the 2nd and 3rd World Congress for Regression Therapy. I was deeply impressed by their direct and focussed approach and hence launched the Tasso Program in India with Marion under our institute CHII in 2009. As I was a hypnotherapy teacher already, teaching the Tasso Program was a logical extension. Hans stipulated that to teach the program, we need to do it twice. Hence, I repeated the curriculum in Germany.’

Mascha: ‘My brother Sven and I started training together in hypnotherapy and regression three years ago. He was looking for a profound program in the field of transpersonal psychotherapy. When he asked me for feedback on the Tasso International Program I got so thrilled reading it that I said to him: “This is one of the most profound and professional programs I have ever heard about. They cover all the known topics in the field of regression therapy in the curriculum, there is supervision, homework groups, own therapy, practice with clients… It sounds great! Whatever you may do, I will join this program!” And so both of us joined.’

What are your feelings about the program now that you’ve almost finished?

Sven: ‘I am glad that I attended. Not only for learning how to work with transpersonal regression therapy but also to clear up my own process. A lot of important, heavy and powerful work was done that opened my eyes and feelings in many ways. I think this is one of the most important factors. Get your story straight and then you are ready to work with other people. The group always gave me the feeling that it is safe to open up, to show my true self and to support my sorrow and also my happiness. It’s good to share and even if we are all over the world we are also friends in heart, mind and soul.’

Yuvraj: ‘I have finished the India program and am now nearly finishing the International Program. I feel very comfortable and empowered with the teachings and concepts. The whole approach is logical and yet very therapeutic. My group too has been amazing and our shared learning experiences have been extremely synergistic. In fact, I have already concluded teaching three modules in Mumbai (India) and am launching the program in other cities as well.’

Mascha: ‘I feel more than ready to be a regression therapist. I am just waiting for the diploma, the rest is all there. I have worked so much on my own topics and healed so many own traumas that now I can concentrate on my role as a therapist. I have encountered how important it is to really trust yourself and your client and to trust the process. I feel also secure to trust my intuition. Besides the tools and techniques, I have become much more open-minded and relaxed. I am working in dimensions which a year ago I would not even have dreamed about. I am very thankful to our international group for their diversity and to each of them their very own and special way of being. Thank you guys for all our “freakingly funny” experiences that allowed me to grow. You are always in my heart, mind and soul.’

What was your most striking experience in (doing or undergoing) sessions?

Sven: ‘The most transforming aspect is to realize yourself, to see who you really are and to learn to live your own truth. To acknowledge your realities, to acknowledge your feelings but also to free yourself from the negative patterns and energetical and emotional powerlines of the past.’

Yuvraj: ‘My most striking experience has been the speed with which issues have been resolved.’

Mascha: ‘While I was working with one of my colleague students there was an unusual lot of resistance on her part. I could hardly work and my supervisor had to jump in. I felt very isolated and like a helpless child. The story that emerged was a childhood memory of my client in which a little boy almost drowned because they played in the water together although the adults had forbidden them to play out there. I felt very concerned about the little boy’s story, I was totally in it. To rescue and heal the boy´s inner child seemed even more important to me than my own client´s inner child. What had happened? In a session with my supervisor that followed immediately it became clear that the inner child of the little boy attached to me. The counter-projection of this session led to a situation where I had not been able to do my work as a therapist anymore. Because of this I am much more aware now of how enormous the influences of our clients’ energies can be on them and even on us as therapists. I now use certain methods to keep myself clear from those influences.’

What did the program do for your own personal development?

Sven: ‘I was freed from a lot of fear and hesitating. I quit my safe job and now I am starting up my therapeutic business. I trust in myself and I trust in the magic of inner wisdom and creativity.’

Yuvraj: ‘Though i joined the program for learning and teaching, I found a number of intricate personal issues which were very subtle not only surfacing but getting beautifully resolves as well. All these have greatly contributed to my overall well being and peace of mind.’

Mascha: ‘The program was deeply healing for me. I cleaned a lot of my own traumas and patterns – in a mental, energetical and physical way. I feel much more free and much more energetic. I feel that I really do have a soul and that my soul wants to develop. That was not so sure for me when I started the program, I was always very skeptical! Now I know why I am here on earth, I know about my talents and my purpose in this life. I feel gratitude towards life and I can feel that “I am”. And that just feels really good.’

Would you advice other people to do the Tasso International Program? Why?

Sven: ‘Of course I would and I already did. Because it’s one of the most holistic and powerful techniques I have ever seen. But you have to be ready for it – it’s not for playing around… Decide to do it and then go for it.’

Yuvraj: ‘I would definately recommend students to do the course as it is rare to find teachers and mentors as erudite and yet as simple as my teachers in the course have been.’

Mascha: ‘If you are serious about becoming an outstanding professional Transpersonal Regression Therapist, for me Tasso International is the premium choice to make, because their work is grounded and spiritual. They bring all the work together that for me is essential for real change: cognitive understanding, energy work and body work. You have to know, though, that you have to do your own work and that does mean to walk through deep shit yourself sometimes. After you have looked at your own shadow sides you will be prepared for a lot of clients to come – even if they talk about seemingly strange phenomenons such as attachments or living in other dimensions. Weird, isn´t it? If you are really curious about deep healing, then you should join.’