Regression therapy in Surinam

Students and trainers of PLT6

Hans ten Dam was recently in Surinam (South-America) at the invitation of Ronald VanderMaesen, a Dutch therapist who became best known for his dissertation on the effectiveness of reincarnation therapy. The following interview is with Cecilia Manichand, chair of the Palither Foundation.

What is Palither?

Foundation Palither stands for “Past-life-therapy” (PaLiTher) and is located in Paramaribo. The foundation has the aim of disseminating and promoting PLT in Surinam and providing training, lectures and workshops in the field of this particular spiritual psychotherapy.

How did PLT start in Surinam?
The development of past-life therapy in Surinam began with an initiative of Dr. Ronald VanderMaesen. This started the first training for past-life therapists in February 1998 and led to the foundation of the Palither Suriname Foundation in July 1998.
Since it was founded, Palither has provided five training courses for past-life therapists and five courses Personal Growth. Training and courses were provided by experienced past-life therapists with Ronald VanderMaesen as senior lecturer.
In these programs, approximately 65 students obtained the diploma PLT.
Every year, it organizes workshops and lectures directly or indirectly related to PLT.

How is PLT doing right now?
PLT is growing. From almost all ranks of the population, PLT is sought as a supplement to regular healthcare. Daily new clients register, who mainly ask for PLT through word-of-mouth (popularly called mofo koranti here).
Most clients improve mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

What is generally hindering?
Because of the long training duration (planning two-year training), the rising costs and the current economic crisis, motivated candidates had to cancel their participation in the sixth program.

What’s generally furthering?
Nevertheless, the sixth intensive (shortened) PLT-6 new style started October 14 with thirteen students.

What are your expectations?
We expect more than half of them to achieve the finish line successfully.

What do you hope for?
That PLT may continue to develop in Suriname and elsewhere.

What are you afraid of?
More and more practicing PLTs seem to move towards spiritual alternatives and are less interested in the many possibilities that PLT offers for positive changes at all four levels: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.

How did you personally get into this?
On the advice of a good friend who, four months after the passing away of
my eldest son, invited me to a PLT lecture in 2001. Then I was inspired by one of the founders of the Foundation Palither.

How can clients and colleagues get in touch with you?
At Foundation Palither Suriname
telephone: + 597-440036
mobile / app: + 597-8824055

Board members Palither (Cecilia and Winifred) with in the center honorary board member (Ronald)

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