Regression Therapy in Norway

Regression Therapy in Norway

Gudrun Sanden answers

Is there a Norwegian association or institute?
The Norwegian Federation of Regression Therapy was established in 2006 with Lisbeth Lyngaas in the lead.

How did PLT start in Norway?
In 2004 Lisbeth Lyngaas took the Past-Life Regression Training with Andy Tomlinson. In 2005 she invited him to Oslo. He has given many classes there since.

How is PLT doing right now?
Today we have “Ny Innsikt” with Gudrun Sanden, “Regresjonsakademiet” with Anne Bodil Røsvik, and PLRA (Past Life Regression Academy) of Andy Tomlinson in England. PLT is still growing, but slowly. Most people do a training more for personal development. They underestimate what it entails, thinking it is something alternative that is quick and easy. Many drop out after they discover this. Some start to practice after insufficient training and don’t do a very good job.

What is generally hindering?
Many people have little trust in hypnotherapy and remain skeptic. Until 2015 hypnosis was forbidden for other therapists than doctors. The media tend to make fun of regression and publish big stories about apparent mistakes, though some women’s magazine publish stories about it.

What is generally furthering?
Many people are dissatisfied with regular, traditional health care and are open to alternatives. Some come out of curiosity.

What are your expectations?
The number of seriously educated practitioners is slowly growing. We need more positive experiences.

What do you hope for?
More regression therapists; official recognition; more cooperation with doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists.

What are you afraid of?
Norwegian laws are very strict about alternative healthcare. Without empirical evidence and without positive results, this could worsen.

How did you personally get into this?
Often, the way I stood, sat or moved, and particular smells or events triggered particular feelings or sensations. A suitcase with clothes triggered a memory of a Jewish boy who was relocated to a ghetto. Friends were telling about regression and I read about it.

How can clients and colleagues get in touch with Norwegian regression therapists?
Through our website:


Regression Therapy in Norway

From left to right:  Trine Lise Stjernholm, a volunteer and Gudrun Samden. Trine Lise and Gudrun are also EARTh-members. Gudrun just was chosen in the board of EARTh.

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