Postgraduate webinars

Postgraduate program for Tasso graduates

Fortnightly webinars at Sundays 12-2 PM CET, 3:30-5:30 PM India time
All certified Tasso teachers are invited to give webinars for Tasso-teachers, Tasso-supervisors and Tasso-graduates.
Price €18 per webinar or €90 for 8 consecutive ones. Registrations of webinars remain available for 14 days. Half of the proceedings is for the teacher.
Registration for a webinar will provide you with a Zoom-link for the webinar and with a link for the registration of the webinar. You will receive that whether you attended or not, even when you register within two weeks after the webinar. Also, if you have signed up for eight consecutive webinars, you will receive the link for the registration whether you attended or not.

Please check the webinars you would like to sign up to.

Marion Boon18-10-20Prehuman lifetimes and existences18.00
Anita Bhasin1-11-20Aura exploration of relationship issuesSometimes relationships that should be loving, eg. parent-child, siblings or partners, are toxic. This indicates …18.00
Hans TenDam15-11-20Verbal exploration of body partsVerbal exploration of body parts or tissues that are hindering us identifies what is there, …18.00
Aasha Warriar29-11-20Healing disowned and murdered soul parts18.00
Marion Boon06-12-20Power lifetimes with projected consciousness18.00
Anita Bhasin20-12-20The goodwill treatment of dark spiritsClients sometimes see dark entities like witches, cruel personalities, ugly misshapen personalities. These souls have …18.00
Hans TenDam17-01-21Resolving MID (minimal identity disorder) with verbal explorationWe are rarely completely ourselves. We don’t identify with a lot of what we are; …18.00
Urmimala Dutt31-01-21Going beyond the 'story'Lasting change comes when we are able to identify repeating patterns in our lives.  Clients …18.00
Janine Booij14-02-21Working with PTSDPTSD clients can experience flashbacks, nightmares, hyperarousal, negative changes in beliefs and feelings. How can …18.00
Maarten Wiegmans28-02-21Transference and countertransference and the square of trustProjections from client to therapist and vice versa happen in regression therapy. Specific roles, like …18.00
Urmimala Dutt14-03-21Why change is so scary - the role of ego in healing.The ego’s agenda is to remain contracted and avoid connection with the Higher Self. How …18.00