Postgraduate program for Tasso graduates

Postgraduate program for Tasso graduates

Fortnightly webinars at Sundays 12-2 PM CET, 3:30-5:30 PM India time
All certified Tasso teachers are invited to give webinars for Tasso-teachers, Tasso-supervisors and Tasso-graduates.
Price €18 per webinar or €90 for 8 consecutive ones. Registrations of webinars remain available for 14 days. Half of the proceedings is for the teacher.

Please check the webinars you would like to sign up to.

Prehuman lifetimes and existences by Marion Boon | 04-10-2018.00
Aura exploration of relationship issues by Anita Bhasin | 18-10-20

Sometimes relationships that should be loving, eg. parent-child, siblings or partners, are toxic. This indicates an influence of previous lifetimes by pseudo-obsessors or karmic obsessors. When we face or even think of the the other, our pseudo-obsessor takes over and shows in the aura. Thus aura exploration is a natural route to resolve such relationships.

Verbal exploration of body parts by Hans TenDam | 1-11-20

Verbal exploration of body parts or tissues that are hindering us identifies what is there, can solve the underlying problem, and helps to re-integrate the body part into the over-all organism.

Healing disowned and murdered soul parts by Aasha Warriar | 11/15/202018.00
Power lifetimes with projected consciousness by Marion Boon | 29-11-2018.00
The goodwill treatment of dark spirits by Anita Bhasin | 06-12-20

Clients sometimes see dark entities like witches, cruel personalities, ugly misshapen personalities. These souls have lost their way, are not in a good space and are suffering. Taking them back into a time when everything was good, resolving the events that led to them turning towards evil helps them to heal and change.

Resolving MID (minimal identity disorder) with verbal exploration by Hans TenDam | 20-12-20

We are rarely completely ourselves. We don’t identify with a lot of what we are; we identify with a lot that we are not. Using “I am …” for a verbal exploration clarifies that and helps to correct it.To do a ‘spring cleaning’ once a year of our self-image is advisable/

Giving clients back control over their life by Urmimala Dutt | 17-01-2118.00
Working with PTSD by Janine Booij | 31-01-2118.00
Transference and countertransference and the square of trust by Maarten Wiegmans | 14-02-21

Projections from client to therapist and vice versa happen in regression therapy. Specific roles, like male and female archetypes, may trap us. How to deal with them?

The very stubborn inner child by Urmimala Dutt | 28-02-2118.00
Essential features of successful TRT-sessions by Ameeta Tacker | 3/14/2021

My personal learning about the art and craft of regression therapy