Regression therapy – Research for Pain reduction & brain activity

Pain reduction & brain activity

pain reduction brain activity

At the last World Congress  for Regression Therapy 2017 in Goa , India, Clover Leaf Academy from Mumbai, India, one of our licensees, published the third issue of ‘Just Let Go’. Two of its articles contain research.

The first article, by Alfonso Crosetto from Italy, reports on continuous MRI-scanning during past-life regressions and LBL experiences. The fMRI shows that all patients had the same specific area of the brain activated during the experience. Some illustrations are added. (

The second article, reported by Andy Tomlinson, is about lessening pain in clients of his students. Of 865 clients 636 had symptoms of physical pain. The most common pains were headaches and migraines (162) and stomach problems (90); IBS and other bowel problems (84), heart-related problems (74), chest, lung and breathing problems (54) and others (47).

The average pain score (from 1 to 10) went from 8 before the sessions to 1 after the sessions, a dramatic improvement. There was hardly any difference between the different conditions.

Most people (312) had one session. People with two sessions had somewhat better results, but after two sessions results did not improve significantly. (