Mission statement

Tasso Institute:
Teaching transpersonal coaching and therapy

Who are we?
We are passionate and mindful teachers for passionate and mindful students.
Our teaching is deep. We are thorough.
We dig for the roots. We go to the end. We are not afraid.
Our training is broad. We use whatever works – and keeps working.

We are empirical:
beliefs are important, as long as they don’t avoid facts;
we are down-to-earth: what isn’t practical, isn’t very interesting;
we value experience, we are experienced.

We are creative. We know how to be methodical – and how to improvise.
We are well-known in our field, internationally – and we contribute to it.

What do we believe?
We believe it is possible to be both spiritual and down-to-earth.
We believe intuition is very valuable, but reason even more.
We believe in the possibility of transformation:

solving persistent problems;
breaking through barriers;
digging up forgotten tresures.
We believe the world is wider and deeper than people usually think. We believe the world is immensely interesting.
We believe that however wide a field is, the gate to it is narrow. Focus is the key,

What do we want?
We want transformation, life-changes.
We want to teach transformative coaches and therapists – world-wide.
We want effectiveness and efficiency
We go for vitality. And we go for beauty, for elegance.

What do we not want?
We reject the enemies of practical spirituality:

arrogant, small-minded materialism;
dogmatic beliefs;
looking for gurus, looking for followers;
unbridled positivism;
intellect without intuition, intuition without intellect;
credulity and gullibility.

What are our values?
Around the world. Regression therapy is being applied around the world. Tasso is active around the world. We know what is going on and we contribute wherever we can and however we can. We started up the worldwide association and the world congresses.
Practical. We are open-minded, but refrain from metaphysical speculations. Everything we do is based on practical experiences and geared to practical results: real and enduring changes in people. We want to be effective and we want to be efficient.

Regression is interesting. Our way of working is exploring and discovering. And we remain always interested in new findings. We are fearless.
Methodical. We work with the intuition of our clients and most of us are pretty intuitive ourselves. We counterbalance that with an approach that as precise and methodical as possible. It is poor to focus on intuition and to forget intellect.

Teaching people it means selecting, educating and training, and a lot of immediate experience in guiding and undergoing regressions.
Energy. Regression is intense. High-in, high-out: personal investment is high, personal pay-out is high. What is true for regression, is true for our training program.

Our teachers are among the most experienced in our field. The books of Hans TenDam have been translated in several languages and are used in other schools and training programs.

Who do we seek?
We seek therapists and coaches who are openminded, but critical.
We seek self-confident people, not people who are sure.
We seek creative individuals. We seek craftspeople.
We seek therapists and coaches who don’t want to be clones or copy-cats.
We seek empirical people, who want to experience everything first-hand.
We seek smart people with a healthy dose of curiosity.
We seek people that can become teachers themselves. Many teachers in many countries have followed our workshops or are our graduates.

Tasso Institute: changing lives worldwide
If you feel at home with us, you are most welcome.