Marion Boon

Marion Boon

Marion Boon—Teacher and Trainer, designer of applications in Workshops

In the 1990s Marion discovered the healing impact of regression- and reincarnation therapy especially where medical treatments were supported or bypassed through ‘spiritual focused healing’. Before this she had been an international secretary and studied philosophy at Erasmus university Rotterdam. She practiced natural healing magnetism. After graduating from the transpersonal regression therapy training with Hans ten Dam/Tasso in 2000, she started her practice internationally as IPARRT practice – Applications of Regression Therapy. She traveled to bring TASSO specialties to several countries, mainly USA and India. She was involved in starting the WCRT World Congresses and EARTh professional Association. Continuously active in creating innovations and expanding the scope of the field with techniques such as DTM – Deep Tissue Memory release and organ regeneration.​​ 

Marion is an enthusiastic teacher and supports TASSO schools around the world. She teaches for TASSO Netherlands in Dutch, for the international programs in English and German. ​IPARRT practice grew to be a network providing post-graduate specialities and Applications to mostly TASSO trained professionals, in modules and intensive Retreats, and ‘tailor made’ workshops for the public, carehelpers and corporate world. ​​ 

Special interests: Workshops for veterans, deepening TASSO applications in Workshops ‘Life and Presence’ for young people, Healing & Wellness program, Energy Resonance in Trauma healing, workshops for women on (giving) birth. Colleagues find her for assistance in fine-tuning their focus, specialties and target groups. Marion designs meditations for trainers to be spread to the public, much of this is coming online. Professional memberships: EARTh Association and NVRT in the Netherlands.

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