Life-Coaching modules

Tasso International is also offering life-coaching modules for people who prefer to go deep and fast. We offer these modules only for complete groups, between 8 and 16 people and for the games 4 people.

Life-coaching helps to straighten out your life and your work and to take the next step – in the direction that is right for you. Often it is about apparently simple, but elusive issues like becoming stronger, communicate better, decide better, align better, become more independent, increase freedom or “simply” feel better. Life-coaching is about helping people to find inspiration, become more energetic, get in flow, and be more authentic. Life-coaching that succeeds is life-changing. Sometime spectacularly, but always tangibly. That may be called transformation.

If that succeeds, depends on how one is coached, with what methods, and by whom. And more than anything else, it depends on the coachees themselves. Life-coaching is no miracle, no panacea. We don’t send you back with a lists like “Ten ways to become productive and happy,’ though we don’t send you home empty-handed. It is more about getting personal experiences and personal insights as fast and deep as the process allows.

Our offer is for people who are ready to take new steps, not for passive consumers. We work personally and intensively. We don’t guarantee transformation. But we guarantee that our people are experienced in this line of work, did their own work and don’t shirk back easily. We do our best. We like to be able to be proud of our work. Our offer is very well-suited for those who are coaches or want to become coaches and personally want to experience if what we teach makes sense.

And what is our life-coaching about?

You will see when you read our line of workshops. We have one trainer and a co-trainer on a group of no less than eight participants and sixteen at most. For those participants who want to supplement the program with personal coaching, we have a few experienced coaches available. Though the program is in English, we can provide personal coaching also in German, French, Spanish, or Portuguese.

Self-knowledge and self-insight

• Identifying and understanding the differents aspect of yourself (subpersonalities)

• Course of life, life aim, life plan

• Core issue constellations

• Finding and freeing talents

Be better in the body

• Clean up the hidden effects of accidents, concussions and surgery

• Explore and process prenatal and natal experiences

• Scanning your own body

• Balancing and reconciling body parts

This module is mainly for people who lack natural vitality or have recurrent and various physical complaints and for thiose who want to work with such people.

People skills

• Communicate better: counseling

• Difficult and tense meetings; bad news

• Presenting yourself

• Negotation and standing up for yourself

This module is mainly for people who feel inhibited or nervous in dealing with others and for thiose who want to work with such people.

Work, career and money

• The 7 functions of work; what is important for you?

• Working in formal organizations

• Enterpreneurship and commercialism

• The ideal function

• The next career step

• Dealing with money: sensibly earning, administering and spending money

This module is mainly for people who are dissatisfied with their present work situation and its immediate prospects and for thiose who want to work with such people.

Inner freedom

• Releasing imprints and internalizations from others

• Releasing obsolete mental programs

• Releasing fascinations and obsessions

This module is mainly for people who feel they are stuck in old patterns and for thiose who want to work with such people.

FIVE-DAY MODULE: Personal Mastery

Personal Mastery is according to Peter Senge in The Learning Organization the quality of people who develop themselves successfully in work and life. People who have that: know their limits, but are self-confident; are inquiring and enterprising and realize better and better what they truly want; feel a deeper meaning behind ytheir visions and aims; feel themselves connected with a larger whole; see the facts of the situation not as their enemy, but their ally; they find the dunamics that move in the right direction and connect to those. Hans TenDam elaborated that personal mastery in five concrete and recognizable core competencies. Participants discover what fosters and what hinders these qualities in their work situation, their private situation and in their character

• Clearmindedness; wisdom

• Equanimity

• Personal energy level

• Decisiveness; courage

• Intuition and aligment (adapting to circumstances without losing yourself); good-luck

Individual and group sessions free these core competences in transformational explorations and experiences. Participants who are themselves coaches, receive tools to apply in their own practice.

This module is for people who want to be successful and don’t have a narrow-minded view on what success is. And for thiose who want to work with such people.

ONE-DAY MODULE : Leadership Game

Where am I? How did I get here? Where am I going? As a manager, coach or consultant.

(morning, afternoon and evening) Four participants with a facilitator

Dr. Hans TenDam

Studied educational psychology at the University of Amsterdam. Forty years international experience in management development and personal consultation of managers and staff people; 25 year experience as international trainer of therapists. Author of a.o. People Make the World, The Long View and Deep Healing.