Paula Repi about incest

Writing a thesis is part of the third year of the Dutch Tasso Course. Every student can choose his / her own subject. This time we have asked Paula to write something about her thesis.

Paula Repi followed the Dutch Tasso Course from 2007 until 2010. In the last year she wrote her final thesis about incest. To her, this subject was a quite obvious choice.

During her whole life Paula always wondered: ‘There is something wrong with me, but I don’t know exactly what’. ‘Who am I?’ In 2004, when she was 38, she got ill. She couldn’t function properly anymore at work. She often got flashbacks and fears about her childhood period. But she never was sure, whether she was abused as a child. She had regular nursing care, but her instinct already told her, this wouldn’t help. Therefore this problem was too deep!

Regression Therapy

After the advice of a friend, she visited a regression therapist in 2005. She had never heard of regression therapy before, but somehow, she knew, this would help her. After the first session, her feeling was confirmed. Since then she knew it for sure: she was a victim of incest. By undergoing more regression sessions after that, she totally healed herself from the past.

Paula: ‘Now I know who I am, I did loose myself completely in all those years. Now I am able to look back to the past and to deal with it, in a positive way. I can transfer my experiences to others as a client and therapist. It will always be a scar, but at least I am the person now who I want to be’.

After the miraculous transformation of herself, she decided to follow the three – years Dutch Tasso course of Hans TenDam. Nowadays, she is working as a regression therapist herself.

To write the thesis, Paula did sessions with eight people, who experienced an incest drama in their youth as well. Three of them didn’t have experience with regression therapy at all. The results were astonishing. The therapy was successful, for all of them. Every time Paula is surprised up to now, how effective this kind of therapy is.

The difference between regression therapy & talking therapy

Regular talking therapy is mostly mentally – oriented. Regression therapy is energetically – oriented.

Because of regression therapy, the eight clients of Paula:

– Understood the perpetrator’s motives
– Learned the possibility to express and to give back the energy to the perpetrator and to
retrieve back their own energy
– Achieved the possibility to discharge the shocked emotions in the body
– Achieved the realization, how strong their defense mechanism always has been as a child
– Healed and integrated their inner child
– Got to see the good sides of the perpetrator, after giving back the bad energy
– Connected their soul and their body again with each other

– Feeling relieved & free
– Feeling complete, more calm and peaceful
– Feeling their own identity again
– Feeling and allowing love from others
– Feeling the powerful presence in their own energy

Conclusion of the Thesis:
Regression – and reincarnation therapy can be applied to persons who have an incest past. The energetic way of working is very useful for the release of the charges of incest, that are locked up in the body.

Facts about incest in the Netherlands*:

Figures: 95-98 percent of the perpetrators is male
1 of 6 girls is abused
The biggest group consists of: uncles, brothers. And then: fathers, stepfathers and grandfathers.
The consequences are disastrous. The victim is often damaged emotionally, mentally and physically.
A child will survive the situation by a dissociative defense mechanism. The child mostly has an out – of the body experience during the incest drama. But the immense shock is still locked up in the body.
The complaints often aggravate, because victims shut their mouth for years. They often don’t want to ask for help, because they think people are not to be trusted.

* Source: Report of Rutgers Nisso Group.

Characteristics of abused children:

Trying to please everybody
Growing up in fear
Getting isolated
Having no trust and confidence in people anymore
A low self-image
Feeling different than others
Confused about their own identity
Picking up the energy of the perpetrator!!!!
(Blame, shame and inferiority)

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