Hans ten Dam

Hans ten Dam

Management consultant since 1970, transpersonal therapist since 1983.

Speaks Dutch, English, Portuguese and German.

I studied psychology and pedagogy at the University of Amsterdam and specialized in adult education. Already during my study, I entered into management development. From management development I moved into conflict resolution, then into organizational structuring and finally into corporate strategy. I was one of the first who explored the application of strategic management to the public sector. My consultancy clients have ranged from a paramilitary group over a car tire factory to a meditation center. My subjects have ranged from personal career advice to national energy policy. In the Netherlands, my major customer during 20 years was the police.

I have always been involved in personal counseling to executives and policy-makers. This has increasingly led to management coaching and what is called nowadays life coaching. I have lived and worked for some time in New Zealand and in Brazil.

My consultancy focus is now on organizational constellations and core issue analysis, my therapy focus is on transpersonal regression therapy, and in between these two fields on helping people to develop what I call personal mastery. 

Publications in English and other languages (see the Tasso Publishing site)

  • Exploring Reincarnation. English editions in 1989 and 2003. Portuguese edition in 1999. Turkish edition in 2012. Kindle edition 2017.
  • Deep Healing and Transformation, first published in Dutch in 1989. Several new editions. Translations in English, Portuguese, German, Bulgarian and Russian. Spanish and Japanese translations forthcoming.
  • How People Make the World: The Ten Global Challenges (1991, 2010)A 
  • Secretary in the Shop Window.
  • Articles in The Journal of Regression Therapy. 


  • Seminars and workshops in the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Brazil, USA, Portugal, Finland, India, UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Japan, Turkey, Philippines, Singapore, Dubai, Kenya. International webinars. 

Memberships etc

  • Certified Management Consultant (by ICMC)
  • Founder of EARTh (Earth Association of Regression Therapists) in 2006. President 2007-2013.
  • Founder of the World Congresses for Regression Therapy.
  • Editorial Board Member of the International Journal of Regression Therapy.
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