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Hans TenDam

Hans W. TenDam graduated from the University of Amsterdam in psychology and pedagogy. He is an independent management consultant since 1970, with international experience, working in strategy development and organizational renewal. His strategic thinking led to his books Humanity, Civilization & Politics. The Ten Global Challenges (can be ordered at www.gopherpublishers.com) and The Long View (can be ordered at www.lulu.com). For his articles in the field of management, see http://hanstendam.blogspot.nl/ Hans discovered regression and past-life material and became one of the pioneers in this field. He initiated the 'Dutch school' of regression therapy. 

The English book: Deep Healing and Transformation has been published in August, 2014! It contains almost exactly 255.000 words. After working on the Body of Knowledge and Skills of EARTh, and collecting all the changes and additions of the last ten years of teaching, Hans TenDam rewrote his book on regression completely. He gives a complete and systematic description of his concepts and methods. Absolutely recommended!

His book Exploring Reincarnation, was published by Penguin in 1990, after being published in Dutch in 1983. It has been translated into Portuguese (1993). It has been republished in 2003 in a revised version by Random House. He is also the author of Deep Healing: a Practical Outline of Past-Life Therapy, also translated in Dutch, Portuguese and German (Tiefenheilung, can be ordered at www.lulu.com), and of several articles in the Journal of Regression Therapy

With more than 25 years of experience as therapist and teacher, he is currently directing Tasso's 3-year training program in regression and past-life therapy in the Netherlands. He organized the First World Congress for Regression and Past-Life Therapy (see www.regressioncongress.org).

Hans TenDam, C.P.L.T., is a Life Member of the International Association of Regression Research and Therapies(formerly known as APRT), and a Founding Member and Honorary Member of the Brazilian Association. He is on the Advisory Board of the International Board of Regression Therapy (IBRT). He is President of the European Association for Regression Therapy (EARTh). He lives in Holland, is married and has four children.

Deep Healing and Transformation

416 pages, 255,000 words € 37,- ISBN 978-1-312-30365-2
Order directly at http://www.lulu.com/content/paperback/deep-healing-and-transformation/14892880

Exploring Reincarnation

Can be ordered at any bookshop, ISBN 0-7126-6020-8.

Deep Healing

Can be ordered at Tasso by paying € 25,- including postage by PayPal or by International Bank Account Number transfer to Tasso Uitgeverij, IBAN: NL22INGB0006852868, BIC: INGBNL2A.

Hans TenDam at Work

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Other Books

You can order the books of Winafred Lucas from Transpersonal Publishing. See below some of their other books.



Henry Leo Bolduc - Life Patterns: Soul Lessons & Forgiveness

ISBN: I-929661-04-5 Price: $ 21.95
Past-life researcher of 30+ years, Henry Leo Bolduc will teach readers how to use self-hypnosis to heal the past, present and future in this revolutionary, comprehensive 308 page guidebook. Includes the concepts of love, forgiveness, the purpose for reincarnation, journaling, dreams, therapeutic models, case histories, the work of Popular Modern Mystic Edgar Cayce, and more. Readers are encouraged to recall and chart their past-lives to create an in-depth understanding of their soul.

Henry Leo Bolduc - Self Hypnosis: Creating Your Own Destiny

ISBN: I-929661-05-3 Price: $14.95
This book offers 31 different self-hypnosis programs, within just 194 pages! Readers will easily obtain results by recording self-hypnosis tapes and CD's from proven self-hypnosis scripts. Readers will often achieve: weight reduction, smoking cessation, public speaking, overcoming fears, and more. Offering 25 years of research on the subject, the author outlines a holistic approach that is based on the Modern Mystic, Edgar Cayce, and the Renowned Hypnotherapist, Dr. Milton Erickson. Well researched...a valuable resource for change.

Henry Leo Bolduc - Your Creative Voice: Reaching and Teaching from Your Experience

ISBN: I-929661-10-X Price: $17.95
This book provides new strategies for beginning writers and speakers. Readers will gain personal insights about their natural strengths for effectively working within groups. Affirmation and self-hypnosis scripts are utilized in order to increase effectiveness. Strategies are offered to organize workshops and increase their attendance. Explore creating booklets and making them into books, and learn how to balance finances to enjoy travel and life on the road.

Dr. Allen Chips - Clinical Hypnotherapy: A Transpersonal Approach.

An Educational Guidebook (Second Edition) ISBN: I-929661-08-8 Price: $28.95
Straightforward and concise, this book covers the bases of hypnotherapy. Learn about altered states of consciousness and the four levels of mind that Edgar Cayce utilized in his readings. Includes information on induction, trance depth, client interview, suggestion, regression, the collective unconscious, the superconscious mind, and past life memories. An ideal body, mind, spirit oriented text for the student of hypnotherapy, or those considering hynotherapy for themselves.

Errol Korn, MD, & Karen Johnson, MA Visualization: The Uses of Imagery in the Health Professions

ISBN: I-929661-20-7
This book offers the health care professional a vast amount of well-researched and easy-to-use methodologies. Altered states of consciousness discussed range from hypnosis to visual imagery. Interventions include safe-place imagery for the bed ridden patient, imagery for the cancer patient and more. A variety of imagery techniques applicable to an array of health care settings. A wonderful resource for the health care provider desiring to be more effective in the modern age of holistic health.

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