Hans Ten Dam

Regression Therapy in Norway

Regression Therapy in Norway Gudrun Sanden answers Is there a Norwegian association or institute? The Norwegian Federation of Regression Therapy was established in 2006 with Lisbeth Lyngaas in the lead. How did PLT start in Norway? In 2004 Lisbeth Lyngaas took the Past-Life Regression Training with Andy Tomlinson. In 2005 she invited him to Oslo. […]

Regression therapy in Portugal

What/who is Almasoma? Almasoma Transpersonal Institute is the joint creation of Mário Resende (Portuguese) and Ilja van de Griend (Dutch) who independently from each other started connecting with the field of regression therapy in 1998. They both knew Hans ten Dam and indirectly met through him in 2004 (thank you Hans!). They started their first […]

Regression therapy – Research for Pain reduction & brain activity

Pain reduction & brain activity At the last World Congress  for Regression Therapy 2017 in Goa , India, Clover Leaf Academy from Mumbai, India, one of our licensees, published the third issue of ‘Just Let Go’. Two of its articles contain research. The first article, by Alfonso Crosetto from Italy, reports on continuous MRI-scanning during […]

Regression therapy in Surinam

Hans ten Dam was recently in Surinam (South-America) at the invitation of Ronald VanderMaesen, a Dutch therapist who became best known for his dissertation on the effectiveness of reincarnation therapy. The following interview is with Cecilia Manichand, chair of the Palither Foundation. What is Palither? Foundation Palither stands for “Past-life-therapy” (PaLiTher) and is located in […]

“Why Regression Therapy”- the Movie

“Why Regression Therapy”- the Movie This is an introductory documentary about a therapeutic approach that is really effective but is still unknown to the large public.  In this production prominent figures of the field like Morris Netherton, Roger Woolger, Hans TenDam, Trisha Caetano, and Marion Boon are interviewed and share their experience with us about […]