Tasso Tasso International started its first program in 2010. It is an offspring of Tasso’s Dutch training program that runs since 1983, and of the many workshop and training activities Hans TenDam and Marion Boon have been giving for years in Europe, Asia, North America and South America. Tasso Institute has initiated the World Congresses for Regression therapists, that started in 2003 in the Netherlands. The second was in New Delhi, India in 2006, the third near Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2008, the fourth has been near Izmir, Turkey and the fifth took place in Porto, Portugal in 2014. Tasso Institute also intiated the European Association for Regression Therapists, that meanwhile became a worldwide organization.


Leading Tasso Institute, Hans TenDam has over forty years experience as management consultant and coach, and thirty years experience in regression. He is the founder of regression therapy training in the Netherlands and wrote internationally acclaimed books on the subject. 

Statement of Hans TenDam:
‘It all started with lectures on reincarnation in 1981. People wondered, if they could have memories from past lives. I was in for a try. 

In the first weekend more than half of the participants experienced episodes of past lives. I discovered, by reliving traumatic death experiences, I healed life – long problems. I was impressed by the beauty and the effectiveness of the sessions. 

More weekends were organized. Participants wanted me to teach these methods to others. That’s how the first training course originated. Nowadays, Tasso Institute is operating around the world’. 

We strive to be the most grounded and the most professional school in Transpersonal Therapy and Coaching. We are actively involved in the international development of our field, continiously broadening and deepening our ways of working.