Your true self

The magic of being your true natural self

Since ancient times humankind is interested in the use of magic and its applications. All the traditions from shamanism to yoga, from esoterical philosophy to movies and computer games – the world of magic is fascinating and many myths and stories are told till today. But what is the “real-life approach” to magic? What is the special quality, the magical quality of becoming and living your true natural self? And how can you get into this harmonious state of being? Marion Boon gives some profound and easy insights into the world of frequency and radiation.

TN: Marion, from your perspective as regression therapist with many years of experience: What is the magic of being truly yourself?

Marion: The magic of being truly yourself is to be aligned with your physical body, your soul and the events of your life.

TN: This sounds very easy, but for most people it is at certain times easy and at certain times it is not. So what do you think is the most important thing to come into this special state of being, to come into the flow, to come into the body? And what might be hindering most?

Marion: It is of course very challenging to say something in general, as all people have their own ways, their own paths, their own hindrances and their own qualities. The main view is that there are two ways – one is if you focus constantly on wanting to be yourself and in the end you are a real good meditator and feel what is the true line and the true frequency so that the not “real” energies that are incorporated will leave, though some of these energies have a real hook. So the other way is to focus on the negativity that is withholding you and clear it. In regression therapy we go for obstructions and blocks. How did it originate and why and when? How do you keep that program going? When that is done and cleared properly, energy comes free. The beautiful side effect is that people say “I feel so much more complete, I feel more myself”. Then they radiate being themselves and the whole dynamics around them are reacting and responding to this new state of being. So it has two ways. Focusing on the bad and focusing on the good. And I think we should do both.

TN: Great! If we think about the universe as a perfect thing, or to put it as a question “Why should the universe be imperfect?” Why do you think there are certain obstacles in being the true natural self, why is it not that we just come to earth and are ourselves and radiate and create and be happy? Why is this kind of negativity there? Why do we have to hold on things that we don’t want to be? Why is this kind of burden there?

Marion: From my experience in life as a human being and as a therapist it is because we are not alone. I may think that I am perfect, but I may soon meet a person that tells me that I am hurting him and that I am not perfect as I thought. I guess being incarnated, being in the flesh, we take space and that brings responsibilities. We interact with others and that’s were lessons begin. Interaction is obstructed; we learn by pain, but also by seeing the effects of our being around. You can dance around and be very happy and radiate it and make other people happy. Yesterday I had a wedding and the couple was so happy, they were radiating their happiness. The other side is that when you go to the ladies room you find some people really sad because they realize they don’t have feel that huge happiness. That is not a problem, that is a lesson. It is only a problem if it hurts you so much that you cannot see the happiness in somebody else. It’s a confrontation. The universe is perfect – to see that is already a big step. When you’re in the misery of daily life and people die around you, it is hard to see that something is going on that is still perfect.

TN: It is about seeing obstacles as new paths or new directions or hints to realize where we are – as a reflection what my problems are. So even these kind of obstacles or bad situations are a mirror that brings us into our true natural vibration?

Marion: Not only a mirror, it is also very physical and true and sometime a painful challenge to consciously make a step. It is waking us up. We would otherwise maybe dream too much. But we are in the body, we can be hurt, so we have to take our positions. We are confronted if we like it or not – with being in a body and that body takes space and has needs. Some kinds of Buddhism try to get rid of the physical body. They try to be outside of the body, but in my opinion the real challenge is to stay in the body and to be good to the body. And in the same time be in tune with the energy of your soul and your consciousness that has contact with the universe. And that is what I call being ‘online.’

TN: So it’s about dissolving the dualism of having a body and being a soul or a spirit being or a consciousness.

Marion: Yes, to be the spiritual being and to dare to be in the body.

TN: Can you explain what happens if we do not flow in our true natural energy, that some people call “natural magic”?

Marion: Each problem has a certain frequency and attracts people and situations with the same frequency. We radiate that around us, attracting energy similar to the problem; so we may attract a situation just because we have not processed and digested our issue. We attract exactly the problem we don’t like. Go for the little things you don’t like and clear them. If you don’t confront yourself with these “unhappy frequencies” you will exactly achieve what you don’t want to achieve. This is called sticky karma. It surrounds you in the auric field. It attracts exactly that what you don’t want. People that are hit by others -They don’t know how, but others just react to their own suppressed aggression. “But why? I didn’t do anything…”

TN: What can I do to maintain my magical energy? Some days we wake up and feel it will become a bad day; the people in the supermarket are unfriendly and we are radiating what we don’t want to radiate right now and we don’t know why it is like this. Now we want to change the flow we are in. Do you have some tricks to come back into the good flow?

Marion: What works magically, is music and sound. If you don’t want to have another session and go deep to find the problem you have, what you can do is sit down and use a singing bowl for example. Play music that allows feelings to come. For us as therapists we can easily find charged emotion and a somatic, a physical feeling in the body. Where is the worry seated? Where in the physical body can you feel it? Feel it and breathe through it. Allow it to be. That is a big step for somebody who is really in distress, to allow that to be. So the magic in fact is to be very practical in reality in real life. It is magical to feel and to allow your body to be. I am too fat, I am too week, I didn’t take good care of my body. Just allow it. This is it. And from this you can go on and you can do it. This gives real acceptance. The calmness comes. Get off judgments. The magic of being your true self and living to maintain your magical energy of being yourself can also be found in true nature and even swimming in natural water. Not in a swimming pool with chloride. It can be playfully brought that way for people. And that is very healing. Like in the sea. The holidays at the beach. Just as a child being, playing, finding shells and finding sand and going in the salty water, that heals. It is true, there’s no judgment. We suffer from judgments. To open the mind is to have the courage to be. That’s already more than half way.

TN: I like these things where I don’t have to exercise for years, no I just go into the lake or sea I hear music that I like and it changes my vibration and I coming back to my real roots.

Marion: Also when you have a good friend. Somebody that feels good. Somebody of whom just the presence is nice. You don’t have to speak, you may speak, but you don’t have to. With a good friend or a sister or brother. Just sit and look each in the eyes and just allow it to happen. That kind of frequency is adjusting. I think that helps to balance. Being in the physical body and allowing the spiritual to shine through.

TN: Can you give an example of a client becoming the true self, stepping into his own special harmonic frequency?

Marion: Lately I have in my practice young boys that want to commit suicide. They really tried to kill themselves. One was eight years, the other one ten. This third one, on picture 1, is six. This is a party day, he’s supposed to be happy. But see what he looks like, the shadow on his eyes. He looks sad. This photo was taken by a photographer on the street and he or she was caught by the expression of the child’s misery. But the boy told his mother it was a wonderful day and he was having fun. So, this is how he looks like when having fun. His mother, confronted with his suicide attempt, wants to see a child’s psychiatrist, but is put on the waiting list. This boy also had body pains he couldn’t explain. So the mother comes to me for a remote session and we find vivid World War 2 experiences. He was nineteen and in love with his girlfriend. He visits his girlfriend who is in hiding. She is the daughter of a resistance fighter who brought his child to safety on a farm. Three people follow him to find her. They rape and torture her, after killing him first. So his soul hangs around, stuck, angry, guilty, desperate. One week after the session his father, makes picture 2 below. The boy had told him “My heart doesn’t know anymore why I am so angry”.

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