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Do you want to know how to achieve deeper permanent healing results with clients? Do you know there is much more possible in this profession? Are you a professional, looking for a real shift? Do you or does your organization need coaching at a deeper level?

On this website you can read about our recognized transpersonal therapy training, our workshops, our books and our refresher courses for practicing therapists.

Tasso Institute offers training programs and workshops in transpersonal coaching and therapy, on college level. We do that in English, German, Dutch and Portuguese. We may do that also in French or Spanish. Our teachers train and lecture around the world.

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June, 2016

EKAA is expanding its Tasso-programs

EKAA Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy Foundation has been facilitating Tasso batches in India since 2011 every year with an average batch size of around 12 to 15 students.

Last year, however, saw an explosion of interest for the Tasso-curriculum from different cities around India. For the first time, EKAA is running parallel batches in three cities: Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi. Altogether they have 68 students! The course is going on with two modules completed in all cities and is scheduled to conclude in February 2017.

In the forthcoming year, EKAA is looking to expand the Tasso program to new cities in India and to new countries, like Kenya.To keep pace with this growing demand, we have embarked on an ambitious development program in which Tasso-graduates are being trained to become supervisors and trainers.

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